Creative Lillie offers a variety of services to better answer all of your graphic design needs. I specialize in print design, but I am also skilled in web design, apparel design, videos, and websites. My creativity is expressed in many ways and mediums.

Print Design
If your project is meant to be printed, I am your designer. My service ranges from brochures, business cards, catalogs, annual reports, roll-ups and so on. I also offer a hassle free turnkey printing service which takes care of the printing process for you including the delivery to your door.
It is not a secret that traditional media is switching to digital and without exception, my services too. My digital services include website creation & design, banners, Facebook Ads, eBooks and more.
You have ongoing projects but don't have the resources to hire a graphic designer full-time? By having me on retainer I will be available to you at all times. You will save money by avoiding the costs of having an employee on your payroll but still have all the perks of having your own in-house designer.
Creative Lillie is there to take your branding to the next level. I will help you reinforce your brand whether you need a new logo, rebranding, brand refreshment or starting from scratch.
Need professional help, guidance or graphic design services on an occasional, part-time or full-time basis? My experience and expertise are made available to you and your team for onsite consulting.
Need your logo in vector format or in higher resolution? Maybe you have your logo but wish to have it in other file types or dimensions to use on Facebook, Instagram or your website? I can customize and vectorize your logo for you.
I have more that 5 years' experience in designing clothing, specifically, cycling apparel. I also create custom t-shirt designs. I would love to work on your project and create unique clothing designs for you.
I can animate pictures and clips into a dynamic video for your company. Whether it be to promote or educate your clients or employees about your products. Contact me to know how I can bring your project to life.

You didn’t see the service you are looking for?
Contact me to know more about my unlisted services.

My promise to you

I take great pride in being available for my clients to listen, answer questions and offer solutions. I will always be there for you.
Honesty is my best policy. My company, my name & my reputation are built on it. This allows me to establish lasting professional relationships with all my clients.
Designing with your existing and future projects in mind to make them seamlessly fit together.
I keep myself up to date with current trends to remain relevant and to create the best designs for you.

Why Choose Creative Lillie?

Life saving graphic designer, for all your last minute projects. I meet yesterdays deadlines.
Consistently creating and delivering new ideas to meet your custom needs.
I listen carefully to your needs and design effectively to save you time and money.
When you need me, I am always there. I never leave my clients hanging and offer constant great service.